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Choose your pricing plan

  • Sacred Journey Individual 1:1 - 3 month

    6 Sessions (biweekly video sessions) to heal trauma and recover mental wellness
    Valid for 3 months
    • Biweekly, one on one healing sessions
    • inner child, shadow work, human design, holistic health,
    • Resiliency, Soothing, Trauma wellness healing tips and
    • techniques. Gently guided through trauma to ignite self-love
  • Sacred Journey Group

    Sacred Journey GROUP Package
    Valid for 3 months
    • This is a DONATE WHAT YOU CAN AFFORD service
    • Connect with me through a Free Clarity Call to discuss
    • payments (of what you can afford) must be arranged
    • Biweekly group meetings
    • Each meeting is approximately 1.5 hours, interactive
    • Inclusion in a group with posted recordings
    • Trauma wellness healing tips and techniques to gently guide
    • you through your trauma to ignite your self-love
    • Compassionate Inquiry Somatic Experiencing, Polyvagal Theory
    • HeartMath, CBT, DBT, Quantum Regression & Integration
    • AND MORE!!
  • 3 Month - 12 Session

    Healing for Disease & Illness, Regression & Integration for Trauma, Addictions, Spiritual Activation
    Valid for 3 months
    • Support Subscription

      Every month
      Support lives on TikTok and Facebook
      • 2 cards on initial subscription date and renewal date
      • Free card during each live show
      • A great way to subscribe to my lives directly
    • Trauma Awareness (QRIT Members)

      This is a paid education group for individuals looking to become trauma aware - learn about trauma a
      • Trauma Awareness Group (QRIT)
    • Trauma Awareness

      This is a paid education group for individuals looking to become trauma aware - learn about trauma a
      • Trauma Awareness Group
    • Premium Emotional Energy Clearing Plan

      Every month
      Clear trapped emotions on a weekly basis
      Valid for 3 months
      • 1 hour session per week where we clear up to 10 emotions
      • Text/email support between sessions
    • Divine Feminine Healing Collective

      Every month
      Learn mystical, spiritual, physical, mental, and emotional practices to return to wholeness & power!
      • This is a monthly membership group
      • Learn holistic health and healing practices
      • Build self-confidence and self worth
      • Find your purpose and life mission, tap into your intuition
      • Manifestation techniques
      • Connection to your spirit and Spirit
      • Empowering meditations
    • Divine Masculine Healing Tribe

      Every month
      A monthly paid subscription group targeted towards Men who are on their healing / awakening journey!
      • Weekly Support Meetings
      • Guides to assist you in your healing journey
      • Supportive Community
      • Guest teachers / hosts with different specialties
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