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Calm Spaces Resiliency Toolkit Building Session

Calm Spaces Resiliency Toolkit Building Session

Over 2.5 hours - education on nervous system states, balancing emotions, trauma & recovery, and mental health while learning various techniques for mindfulness and grounding. Plus! A 1 hour session with me to dial in on your biggest struggle and create a plan for improvement. You learn to build a mental health toolkit (skills to take control of emotional distress) that has techniques for a variety of settings - home, work, travel. Plus, learn the Calm Spaces technique I created by combining colour encoding, the four element mindful technique and bonus grounding/mantra/soothing elements to create a calm space for elevated emotions. I've used it for my anxiety, depression, panic disorder, and complex PTSD. When you purchase Calm Spaces you receive the Calm Spaces - Resiliency Toolkit Building Workbook (valued at 40.00)

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