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Support Systems, Therapy and Coaching

A necessary part of trauma recovery is having a support system. To be fair, whether we are recovering from trauma or not, having a support system is integral. While it is nice to have family as part of that system, we often have damaged relationships with those closest to us and frequently, they are the source of our trauma. Dysfunctional interpersonal relationships cannot be relied upon and sometimes create more trauma or pain. Our family can be toxic.

Friends can create that support system that we lack from our families, but may present their own challenges. How much can you share? How readily are they available when you need them? Who do you turn to in your time of need?

When trauma is significant and we have toxic behaviours, therapy - a psychologist, therapist or counsellor may be necessary. When we require a diagnosis/medications a psychiatrist may be necessary. Although, psychologists can be knowledgeable and provide the assistance necessary to navigate through your recovery process, there are many stories where individuals were further traumatized. FInding, safe and effective couselling can be scary. If you’re lucky, you nail it the first time.

I can say I have experienced inadequate therapy from various therapists, but i can also say the same of other health services. I think we all can. At one time, it’s a surly radiologist or rough nurse, doctor who is rude or worse, I can list, as I’m sure you can, various other examples.

Now, we are seeing the influx of coaches. I have joined the ranks as one myself. Many individuals question the value of coaching. To start, I have learned a wealth of information throughout my life, through so many different avenues than standard education. And, it’s fair to say, the most important and valuable things I’ve learned, were not learned in the classroom. Even therapy, while learning a bunch of techniques, the real work starts at home. You really do get what you put into it.

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